The popularity of programming languages

PYPL and Tiobe

PYPL and TIOBE are indices that analyze the popularity of programming languages. They use google, Youtube, wikipedia, etc. searches for this.

It is important to understand that we are talking about search volume and not professional use. The underlying principle of the data differs from that of GitHub

PYPL takes into account google searches and Tiobe takes all possible search engines. Here are the stats for PYPL

We can see that Python is at the top, for several reasons. First, because it is currently the most popular language in the world. Second, it's because it has a much higher growth rate than JavaScript as more and more people are learning it.

The statistics are quite different for the simple reason that we are talking about the volume of research here, so people wanting to learn a new language or looking for help.

TIOBE has the same principle except that it takes into account wikipedia, youtube and others. It's hard to explain the differences between the two indices, but that's okay. StackOverflow StackOverflow is the world's most popular programming site. I use it every day. It allows programmers to ask and answer questions related to programming.

These data represent the popularity of programming languages ​​on stack overflow. Here, we are talking about an active development community. Again, Javascript is the biggest because it bundles Node JS together and is the only language available for front end development.

I used these lists to choose my first programming languages from when i started with custom php application development.

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